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  • What is Lumaris?
    Lumaris is a full-service research firm dedicated to using surveys and focus groups to highlight the voices of underrepresented groups. Lumaris is non-partisan. We’re experts in surveying: · States and metro areas. · Black, Latino, Asian, and White rural communities. Our signature product: Premium surveys of state and metro regions in the United States. We use best-in-class methods. Our representative online survey panels have oversamples of underrepresented groups. Each state has its own custom panel to maximize regional accuracy. The bottom line: Lumaris provides high-quality surveys of your state at a reasonable cost.
  • What is the mission of Lumaris?
    Lumaris strives to do more than solve tough research problems. We are “fact tank” for civil society. We serve groups that create strong local communities – foundations, non-profits, governments and businesses. Lumaris panels make quality surveys of states and metro areas more affordable than would be otherwise possible. In this way, we democratize access to high-quality local survey data. This serves a higher purpose. Our surveys fuel the fact-based stories we tell about ourselves. In turn, these stories lay the foundation for a shared reality. This puts communities on a path toward greater mutual trust and repairs frayed social fabrics.
  • What expertise does Lumaris have?
    Survey research Questionnaire development, survey fieldwork Survey methodology Sample design, sample weighing, question testing Panel research Time-series and change-over-time analysis Advanced analytics Clean, analyze and join datasets of any kind Demographic research Advanced analysis of census data. Editorial Report writing, copy editing, chart creation
  • Who does the research?
    Researchers and data scientists with years of experience at some of the nation's top survey research firms.
  • What makes Lumaris surveys high quality?
    Our proprietary online survey panels are probability-based. They’re designed from the start to be representative of state and metro areas. We don’t stop until our panels can produce reliable results on traditionally underrepresented groups. Lumaris uses gold-standard methodologies to build its panels: Mail recruitment via random address-based sampling.
  • What states does Lumaris survey in?
    Minnesota, with representative data on the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota regions. Our priority expansion states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. If you don’t see your state here, please reach out. We may be able to build a survey research panel in your state.
  • Can Lumaris survey smaller areas within states (e.g. cities, counties)?
    Yes. In most states, our surveys produce reliable data on a state’s biggest metro area(s) and its rural region(s).
  • What is a “representative online survey panel”?
    It’s a fancy name for ensuring a small group of randomly selected people reliably reflect the views of a larger group. In practice, this means the people recruited to a Lumaris panel will reflect the views of the state or metro region they live in. “Representative” means Lumaris panels reflect the demographics of its state, metro and rural regions.
  • How many people are in a survey panel?
    Each state survey panel consists of 1,500+ adults to start. The number of panelists in each state may grow over time.
  • How often do new people join the survey panel?
    Lumaris regularly evaluates its survey panels to ensure that they are representative of the state it represents. This can mean inviting new people to the panel and retiring existing panelists.
  • Are your surveys conducted in more than one language?
    Yes. Our surveys are conducted in English and Spanish. In some states, we may survey in more languages to ensure proper representation of certain groups of people.
  • Does Lumaris do focus groups?
    Yes, we provide several qualitative research solutions. One common request is to pair a survey with focus groups.
  • What makes Lumaris focus groups better than the competition?
    Lumaris can precisely recruit people for focus groups at a reasonable cost. We do this by using our survey panels as a recruitment tool. Why are survey panels great for this? Each panelist provides detailed demographic information about themselves. This makes it efficient to identify and recruit people with rare demographic characteristics. Our secret sauce: The diversity of Lumaris’ survey panelists. We achieve this through our rigorous methods, which require that survey panels demographically reflect the population of their state.
  • Can Lumaris help me survey other groups of people?
    Yes, we can leverage our deep experience in survey research to help you learn more about the group of people you want to survey. We can help you write the survey and ensure it is methodologically sound. We can field it on our servers and deliver a dataset. We can even analyze it for you and write up the results.
  • Can Lumaris help me analyze a dataset I already have?
    Yes, you can BYOD - Bring Your Own Dataset - and we’ll analyze it. We can combine data sets to provide unique insights. For example, we can merge a Census Bureau dataset with a survey dataset.
  • Can Lumaris analyze U.S. Census Bureau data?
    Yes, Lumaris researchers are experts in using the Census Bureau’s major products: The Decennial Census, American Community Survey, Current Population Survey, Population Estimates, and more. We also have experience analyzing Bureau of Labor Statistics and other federal datasets.


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